1. Admission Policy

TUS welcome individuals who sympathize with the school motto of our university, who are considerate of others, have a sense of mission to contribute to society, and have a strong will and intellectual curiosity to acquire the academic skills necessary for this purpose.
Please see the admission policy for each faculty/department.

Admission Policy

2. Entrance Examination Schedule / Application Document

Information about the "International Student Selection Examination" for first year applicants residing in Japan has been compiled together for your convenience.

Entrance Examination Schdule /
Application Document

Please click the following if it applies to your situation:

For examinees with advanced Japanese proficiency, it is possible to select exams other than this "International Student Selection Exam".
「総合型選抜試験Comprehensive Selection Exam」,「社会人特別選抜試験Selection Exam for Working Professionals」,「一般選抜試験General Selection Exam」,「大学入学共通テスト利用選抜試験Selection Exam using Common Test for University Admissions」
For details, please refer to the Admissions Examination Guidelines. (In Japanese only)

Admissions Examination

*In Japanese Only

3. Tuition and Fees

To enroll at TUS, payment of the Admission fee, Tuition, Experiment and training fee, Facility equipment fee, and Comprehensive Insurance for Students is necessary. Please ensure you have sufficient financial means before application.
For admitted applicants, the invoice for the enrollment procedure fees will be sent along with the application result.
Prospective enrollees are required to pay the fees stated in the invoice before the payment deadlines in order to enroll at the university.

Tuition and Fees

4. Student Visa

It is advisable to start the preparation for your visa application once you have received an admission letter and decided to enroll at TUS, because sometimes it may take longer than usual to obtain your visa.

Student Visa

5. Access to TUS

6. Center for International Education(CIE)

The Center for International Education aims to help promote the University's global education, support international students with their studies and in their everyday life.


7. Living in Tokyo / Yamanashi

We have compiled useful information for international students about Adachi Ward, Tokyo (Senju Campus) and Uenohara City, Yamanashi Prefecture (Tokyo West Campus), where the two TUS campuses are located.

Living in Tokyo / Yamanashi

8. Guidebook for International Students

Please read the "Guidebook for International Students" carefully as it contains more information, including about life in Japan in general.
Information related to the visa is also included.

Guidebook for International Students